Graphic Designer

India or Remote

AIcrowd enables data science experts and enthusiasts to collaboratively solve real-world problems, through challenges.

The classical research-driven approach to AI development is very slow, because it is a linear process of small groups or individuals developing algorithms, publishing them in the literature upon which others can learn and build something new that works better. This process is extremely slow, and almost always results in incomparable, closed, and inefficient algorithms that are not deployable. AIcrowd solves all of these problems in one go, by combining an online community platform, where people from around the world can submit algorithms to solve a given problem, with an automatic evaluation of the submitted algorithms.

About the role

AIcrowd is hiring their first full-time graphic designer. We host high-impact Machine learning competitions on our platform from organisations like OpenAI, Microsoft, Uber, Stanford University, and many more. The challenges we host are unique, attract a very targeted and engaged crowd, and are some of the most cutting-edge problems in the field of AI. Our users range from AI researchers to beginners. Our visual language is still evolving, and there are many user journeys where we need visual interventions.
We are looking for someone who is excited about these 2 things:

  1. Someone who can design posters that succinctly convey what a particular challenge on our platform is about. This poster, and the consecutive designs based off it, will become the visual identity of that challenge. (e.g. https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/snake-species-identification-challenge - how would we design the visual language for communicating this challenge?)
  2. Our community hangs out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. We want to drive engagement and conversions from there, so you will also design regular social media posts for different platforms and help shape our visual language.
  3. (bonus) If you also do UX, you will have the opportunity to work on our website as well.

You will work with the head of comms at AIcrowd and he will make sure that you don't iterate over the same design 10 times. AIcrowd is a fully remote company and we work 5-days a week. You will love our culture and what we are building. Please send your portfolio to communications@aicrowd.com. Based on it, we will invite you to a chat where we will discuss a bit about you (and us) and brief you on a poster that you can submit over 2-3 days. And, that's it. Thank you

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