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NeurIPS 2020: Procgen Competition

Measure sample efficiency and generalization in reinforcement learning using procedurally generated environments

1 Authorship/Co-Authorship
Misc Prizes : To be announced

Seismic Facies Identification Challenge

3D seismic image Interpretation by Machine Learning

30,000 USD Prize Money

Learning to Smell

Predicting smell of molecular compounds

CHF 6000 Prize Money

NeurIPS 2020: Flatland Challenge

Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning on Trains

4 Travel Grants
Misc Prizes : To Be Announced

NeurIPS 2020: MineRL Competition

Sample-efficient reinforcement learning in Minecraft

1 Authorship/Co-Authorship
Misc Prizes : To be announced

Hockey Team Classification

Grouping/Sorting players into their respective teams

4000 USD Prize Money

Snake Species Identification Challenge

Classify images of snake species from around the world

1 Travel Grants
1 Authorship/Co-Authorship

  • phuc_nguyen 399
  • carina_negreanu 355
  • jack-williams 355
  • xx 355
  • alkara 354

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