NeurIPS 2021 - The NetHack Challenge

ASCII-rendered single-player dungeon crawl game

15000 Prize Money
1 Authorship/Co-Authorship

Airborne Object Tracking Challenge

Airborne Object Tracking Challenge

$ 50,000 Prize Money

$ 50,000 Prize Money
Misc Prizes : PS5, X-Box Series X, DJI Mavic Mini 2, Oculus Quest 2

AI Blitz #9

5 Puzzles 21 Days. Can you solve it all?

$ 400 Prize Money

NeurIPS 2020: Procgen Competition

Measure sample efficiency and generalization in reinforcement learning using procedurally generated environments

$ 9000 Prize Money
1 Authorship/Co-Authorship
Misc Prizes : $ 34,000 AWS Credits

Insurance pricing game

Play in a realistic insurance market, compete for profit!

$12,000 USD Prize Money

Spotify Million Playlist Dataset Challenge

A dataset and open-ended challenge for music recommendation research

$9,000 Prize Money
Misc Prizes : $10,000 Amazon SageMaker Credits

AI Blitz #8

5 Puzzles, 3 Weeks. Can you solve them all? πŸ˜‰

$400 Prize Money

Learning to Smell

Predicting smell of molecular compounds

CHF 6000 Prize Money

SnakeCLEF2021 - Snake Species Identification Challenge

Classify images of snake species from around the world

USD 5K as part of Microsoft's AI for earth program Prize Money Prize Money
3 Authorship/Co-Authorship