Frequently asked questions

What is AIcrowd?

AIcrowd is a platform for streamlining your AI workflow - internally, or externally, by running AI, machine learning, and other data science challenges. AIcrowd helps organizations - whether businesses, universities, government agencies or NGOs - develop, manage, and promote their challenges. AIcrowd streamlines your machine learning workflow, and connects your problems with machine learning and data science specialists and enthusiasts, who will collaboratively try to find the most accurate, efficient and effective solutions.

I have an AI / machine learning problem - why should I work with AIcrowd?

The AIcrowd approach has been used by the most innovative organizations in the world, both in industry and academia. Our tried-and-tested platform coordinates the collection, versioning, and evaluation of code submissions, thereby radically accelerating the time to turn AI prototypes into products. Using our platform, you will find that the combined power of either your team, or thousands of people around the world, working on your problem together in this streamlined way will provide novel insights and accelerate your AI progress dramatically. Finally, running a crowdsourced challenge is a great way to promote the innovative nature of your organization.

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I want to host a challenge - but does that mean I need to open my data?

No. Many of our challenges are simulation challenges, for example using a simulation environment to train reinforcement learning models. Other challenges may need some data for training purposes, in which case your challenge will benefit if you can provide some training data. If you have questions about this, please talk to us - each problem is unique, and together we'll find a solution.

Does this really work?

Yes - the success stories speak for themselves. We have already run dozens of challenges with great outcomes. The most innovative organizations in the world use AIcrowd because it works, and they keep coming back. But don't take our word for it - try running a challenge for yourself, and be ready to experience the power of streamlined workflows and crowdsourcing.

Who is behind AIcrowd?

AIcrowd's history is tightly linked to EPFL, one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, where the Digital Epidemiology Lab began to run machine learning challenges for academic conferences. Eventually, AIcrowd was created as an independent entity, ready to serve the rapidly growing demand for crowdsourced AI challenges(crowdAI is now in maintenance mode and will be sunset soon).

More questions?

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