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By  debalb

We are delighted to announce that Reputation System is now live on AIcrowd.

At AIcrowd we understand and acknowledge the hard work that goes into participating in a challenge.

We believe that all such effort deserves to be rewarded irrespective of the final standings on the challenge leader-board ranking.

While awarding prizes is a decision that solely rests with the challenge organizers, we wanted to do our bit in order to encourage everyone who put their precious time and effort into submitting their solutions.

What is it all about?

Simply put, this feature enables users to build a reputation through participating in more and more challenges.

High-scoring submissions on challenge leader-boards will get higher reputation scores, and consequently higher overall rank on the site wide leaderboard.

How can I see my rank?

Go to the AIcrowd homepage and click on User Rankings.

By default, this page shows the top-20 ranked users on the leader-board (you can expand to view more).

In addition, we have also implemented a Tier system, identified by colored rings around the user avatar, as per the following convention:

  • Tier-5: 99-100 percentile
  • Tier-4: 95-99 percentile
  • Tier-3: 80-95 percentile
  • Tier-2: 60-80 percentile
  • Tier-1: below 60 percentile

Note: percentile scores mentioned above are based on individual user ranking on the leader-board.

In case you are logged in, there is another table at the bottom of the page which shows your individual reputation score along with a few closely-ranked neighbors.

The AIcrowd homepage also shows a short snapshot of the leader-board showing the top-5 users at any given time.

In addition, the user profile page has been revamped with a new chart showing the progression of reputation score over time which shows how and when it has changed.

When are reputation scores updated?

The reputation scores are updated at the end of every challenge.

What if I participated as a team?

All members of a team shall be awarded equal reputation score.

That's interesting. Anything else coming up?

  • Very soon we will also introduce AIcrowd Badges as a means to reward key achievements and accomplishments.
  • This provides users with something extra to brag about other than ranks.
  • We are also going to link reputation scores to community and other non-challenge related user activities on AIcrowd such as publishing blogs etc.
  • This not only provides a way to improve your reputation score even when not participating in challenges but also encourages sharing in the open community.

We hope you like this feature and it encourages you to participate in even more challenges at AIcrowd.

In case you uncover any bugs or have any feedback to share, please use our issue tracker to communicate the same.

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