πŸš€ Feature Launch: Teams

By  arjun_nemani

We are delighted to announce that the teams feature is now live on AIcrowd!

If there’s ever been a β€œfinally!” moment in AIcrowd’s history, this would be it. The ability to participate in challenges as a group, rather than as individuals, has been on our roadmap since the very first days, and we’re excited to finally roll this feature out.

What it means for the participants

Participants can now come together and participate in challenges as a team. Any submission made by a member is considered as a team submission and the leaderboards will reflect the same.

Teams are formed in the context of a challenge. This means that a participant can work with different teams for different challenges.

Feel free to create or join a team for a given challenge, and then change teams, or participate individually, in another challenge.

But beware: once you join a team in a challenge, you can’t leave the team in that challenge. In other words, joining a team in a challenge is a serious commitment for the duration of the challenge.

Teams are easy to form: once you start participating in a challenge, simply click the β€œCreate Team” button and start inviting your co-conspirators!

They will receive an invitation email, inviting them to the team on your behalf.

Once they accept and join your team, all existing and any new submissions made by the members will be treated as team submissions.

The leaderboard will reflect the best submission made by the team.

The general rule is that team members will share prizes, but this may vary for each challenge, depending on the challenge rules.

What it means for the organizers

Now that participants can work in teams, the organizers gain the ability to propose bigger and more diverse challenges, which may be too large for a single person. Organizers have the ability to allow/disallow teams for their challenges, and to limit the maximum number of participants in each team.

Click here to organize a challenge with us!

We really are excited about the new possibilities and hope to see people from diverse backgrounds and fields coming together to conquer various challenges.

PS: If you run into any bugs or have ideas for improvements, please open an issue on our issue tracker or email us

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