Each team (or individual) can compete in both rounds without restrictions. Only individuals not affiliated with the OpenSky Network or the CYD Campus are allowed to enter.


Each team (or individual) submits their results (the aircraft positions) for both rounds during the competition periods in a pre-defined format. The results will be ranked by an objective evaluation metric based on the two-dimensional root mean square error. To be ranked at least 90% coverage of the missing aircraft positions must be provided. During the competition, feedback is provided on the scoreboard based on a fixed, arbitrarily chosen, 30% of all aircraft trajectories that need to be predicted. After the end of the competition, the scores on the full test dataset will be calculated and shown. The winners of round 2 are determined by this full ranking on the whole test dataset.

Winner License

The winning solutions will only be eligible for awards if all source codes and additional data sets used to generate the results from the measurement data are published under the GNU GPLv3 license. In addition, sufficient documentation must be provided to understand and reproduce the results.

External Data Sets

Usage of any external data sets (e.g., weather data or tracking data from other sources) requires explicit permission by the organizers, which must be obtained at least two weeks before the end of any competition round. In addition, to ensure fairness, any external data set that will be allowed for the competition may be shared with all other teams 

Original Solution

Teams (or individuals) must use their own original solutions. Re-using any existing implementation is only allowed if the original authors grant you the rights to use their solution and if you made significant modifications to the algorithm or model. In particular, simply re-using existing code and rewriting the data input and output mechanism is not sufficient. Adding parameters to the model and modifying filters to match the specific pecularities of the data, however, can be considered sufficient. Nevertheless, in case you re-used an existing localization implementation, please contact the organizers to get written approval.

There is a blanket allowance for the five solutions available on the OpenSky Gitbhub account These solutions must be referenced but can be used and adapted at will for the second round in order to facilitate the best possible solutions.