HackAPrompt 2023

Challenge Rules



By participating in the “HackAPrompt” competition, you (the “Competitor”) agree to the following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”), which govern your use of the competition platform and services provided by Prompt Labs LLC (the “Company”), a registered limited liability company in Maryland.


Competition Description

The Company offers a prompt hacking competition called “HackAPrompt” (the ”Competition”) that allows participants (including the Competitor) to attempt to perform PROMPT HACKING against prompts of varying difficulty. The competition is made available through the AICrowd platform and will be running for a period of two weeks starting from May 5th at 6:00PM PST. However, the Company reserves the right to extend the competition end date at its sole discretion. 


PROMPT HACKING involves attempting to trick AI systems into generating text that the AI’s original creators did not intend to be generated. This is done through the use of prompts, which are text inputs to AIs. PROMPT HACKING includes techniques such as prompt injection, prompt leaking, and jailbreaking. Although similar in principle to software hacking, this is not a software hacking competition, and attempts to hack the software used in this competition are strictly not allowed. 


By participating in the competition, you acknowledge that PROMPT HACKING may result in unexpected and potentially offensive text generated by the AI system. You agree to use PROMPT HACKING only for lawful purposes and in accordance with these terms of service.



The Company has assembled a prize pool of various monetary and non-monetary prizes, to which they will award SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS in the Competition. The aforementioned prizes shall be awarded in compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements with respect to, but not restricted to laws in Maryland, the United States of America and its allies, and international legislation, including sanctions against governmental entities. 


SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS will include competitors who are able to successfully score the most points in the competition. Full information on the definition of successful competitors will be provided on the main competition webpage. 


The Company recognizes that its users come from a diverse range of geographic locations, and it seeks to provide equal opportunities for all to participate in any prize promotions or giveaways that it may offer. However, the Company is subject to legal restrictions that prevent it from awarding prizes to individuals residing in certain countries or regions.


The specific countries or regions that are subject to such legal restrictions may vary depending on various factors, including the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction, as well as any licensing or registration requirements that may be applicable. As such, the Company cannot provide an exhaustive list of countries or regions where it may be unable to award prizes.


The Competitor acknowledges that they might be residing in a location that does not allow the Company to grant them prizes. In such cases, the prize money or award will be given to the next eligible competitor. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss or damages incurred by the Competitor due to the inability to receive the prize.


The Competitor acknowledges and agrees that, in certain circumstances, the delivery of prizes, particularly non-monetary prizes, such as clothing, software credits, or other physical items, may be subject to the discretion of competition sponsors. The Company cannot provide a guarantee of prize delivery in all cases. Furthermore, the Competitor recognizes and accepts that the receipt of prizes, especially non-monetary ones, may be subject to extended delivery times. Nevertheless, the Company will make every effort to deliver the prizes in a timely fashion.



Competitors are required to submit their prompts to the AICrowd competition platform. Competitors are allowed to submit their prompts multiple times during the course of the competition; however, it should be noted that only the best submission made by each competitor will be taken into account when determining the final winner.


The Company reserves the right to remove, at its discretion, any submissions that contain offensive or inappropriate content, including but not limited to hate speech, discriminatory language, or explicit material. Such removal shall be made without notice or obligation, and the decision of the Company shall be final.



The Company will use deterministic GPT-3 (davinci-003, 0 temperature, 0 top-p) or ChatGPT or FlanT5 to evaluate submissions. 


It is hereby acknowledged by the Competitor that while every effort will be made to ensure the determinacy of submissions which make use of OpenAI, HuggingFace, and other APIs, there may be instances in which such submissions are not fully deterministic.


In this regard, the Competitor is advised that each submission will be evaluated only once, and that any non-determinism in the submission may impact the evaluation and final outcome of the leaderboard.

The Company shall not be held responsible for any such non-determinism in the submissions or any consequential impact on the evaluation or leaderboard outcomes. 



The Company plans to open-source all submissions at the conclusion of the competition, after ANONYMIZING them to protect the privacy of The Competitor. The Company believes that sharing these submissions with the open-source community will promote learning and lead to improvement in the development of safer AI models.


The Company defines ANONYMIZING the data simply as not releasing emails of the Competitor and other participants or any other personally identifying information (PII) that the Competitor submits in addition to their prompts. As such, the Competitor acknowledges that any PII submitted as part of their prompts will be released as part of the open source dataset that the Company plans to create.


Code of Conduct

Competitors must abide by the following code of conduct:


1. No harassment or discrimination will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability.


2. Be mindful of the language you use. Use inclusive language that respects the identities and backgrounds of all attendees. This applies to the prompts that you submit. Please do not submit prompts that are offensive or discriminatory.


3. Do not use any copyrighted materials without permission.


4. Do not use any illegal materials.


5. Do not use any materials that violate the terms of service of any platform, in particular LLM API platforms like OpenAI and HuggingFace.



It is hereby expressly agreed and understood that the Company shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage, including but not limited to loss of data or other technical issues, arising from or in connection with the Competition, whether caused by the negligence, act or omission of the Company or otherwise.


Furthermore, the Company shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any failure to distribute prizes, including but not limited to cash prizes or other forms of remuneration, resulting from any technical, logistical or administrative issues, whether caused by the negligence, act or omission of the Company or otherwise.


It is further acknowledged and agreed that any participation in the Competition is undertaken entirely at the participant's own risk and that the Company makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the reliability, suitability or availability of the competition.


Governing Law 

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.


Dispute Resolution 

Any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement will be resolved through binding arbitration. The arbitration will be held in the State of Maryland in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding on all parties.


Entire Agreement


This agreement (the "Agreement") constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the "HackAPrompt" competition (the "Competition"), and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relating to the Competition.


By entering the Competition, competitors agree to be bound by this Agreement and its terms and conditions.