Challenge Rules

Challenge Rules

  • In order to participate in this challenge you will have to sign an End User Agreement (EUA) for downloading the data. More information will come.
  • Once participants submit their results on the test set to the challenge organizers via the challenge website, they will be considered fully vested in the challenge, so that their performance results (without identifying the participant unless permission is granted) will become part of any presentations, publications, or subsequent analyses derived from the Challenge at the discretion of the organizers.
  • Publication policy:

    An overview paper will be written by the organizing team’s members. To be eligible for the official ranking and prize, the participating teams must submit a paper reporting their method. The participants can submit their results separately elsewhere when citing the overview paper [1], and (if so) no embargo will be applied. In addition, the following paper [2] should also always be referenced.

    [1] Overview of the HECKTOR challenge at MICCAI 2020: Automatic Head and Neck Tumor Segmentation in PET/CT. Vincent Andrearczyk, Valentin Oreiller, Mario Jreige, Martin Vallières, Joel Castelli, Hesham Elhalawani, Sarah Boughdad, John O. Prior, Adrien Depeursinge

    [2] Automatic Segmentation of Head and Neck Tumors and Nodal Metastases in PET-CT scans. Vincent Andrearczyk, Valentin Oreiller, Martin Vallières, Joel Castelli, Hesham Elhalawani, Mario Jreige, Sarah Boughdad, John O. Prior, Adrien Depeursinge. In: Medical Imaging with Deep Learning. MIDL 2020.