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$21,000 Cash Prizes Prize Money
Misc Prizes : $10,500 in AWS credits

Scene Understanding for Autonomous Drone Delivery (SUADD'23)

Understand semantic segmentation and monocular depth estimation from downward-facing drone images

$50,000 Cash Prizes Prize Money

Visual Product Recognition Challenge 2023

Identify user photos in the marketplace

$15,000 Cash Prizes Prize Money
2 Travel Grants

Spotify Million Playlist Dataset Challenge

A dataset and open-ended challenge for music recommendation research

EPFL ML Road Segmentation

Project 2: Road extraction from satellite images

1 x € 1500, 1 x € 500, 1 x € 250 Prize Money
3 Authorship/Co-Authorship

LifeCLEF 2022-23 Plant

Image-based plant identification at global scale

Mono Depth Perception

Estimate depth in aerial images from monocular downward-facing drone

Semantic Segmentation

Perform semantic segmentation on aerial images from monocular downward-facing drone

Music Demixing Track - MDX'23

Music source separation of an audio signal into separate tracks for vocals, bass, drums, and other