Technical Writer / Communication (50% contract, remote)

Switzerland or Remote

AIcrowd enables data science experts and enthusiasts to collaboratively solve real-world problems, through challenges.

The classical research-driven approach to AI development is very slow, because it is a linear process of small groups or individuals developing algorithms, publishing them in the literature upon which others can learn and build something new that works better. This process is extremely slow, and almost always results in incomparable, closed, and inefficient algorithms that are not deployable. AIcrowd solves all of these problems in one go, by combining an online community platform, where people from around the world can submit algorithms to solve a given problem, with an automatic evaluation of the submitted algorithms.

This is a powerful approach, but not necessarily easy to explain. We now find ourselves in the challenging position of growing, while being too short on time to clearly and engagingly communicate with the outside world what we do, and how well the approach works. In addition, our challenges depend on the activity of the community, and thus communication is a key part of continuing our growth path.

That is why we are looking for someone with technical writing skills who can help us with communication. In this role, you would do things like:

  • Write awesome newsletters that updates the community on the exciting development in new and ongoing challenges
  • Help our challenge organizers communicating their challenges clearly
  • Write blog posts on news from AIcrowd
  • Shape our overall communication strategy


This is a role for someone who can write clearly, without too much jargon, and in doing so manages to captivate an audience of both technical experts and beginners.

You will need a good technical background yourself - one needs to understand in order to be explain well. Some HTML / CSS / Javascript know-how will come in handy, as we’re an online platform and operate entirely in the digital world.

Ideally, you have written technical content for a non-technical audience before. Please send us some examples if you have.

This is a contractor role, and we assume a 50% work volume on average.

This is a remote role - you can work from anywhere you want.

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