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5 Puzzles 21 Days. Can you solve it all?

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AI Blitz XII

Community Contribution Prize | $100 x 2 Cash Prizes | AI Blitz⚡XII

Over 2 years ago

Hello there!

The goal of AI Blitz⚡ is to make your machine learning journey as rewarding as possible.

We aim to create a community where learning is prioritized, in addition to delivering you exciting AI problems.

:books: Lining up with the same idealogy and enabling the community to get a chance at sharing their learning, we are glad to announce

AI Blitz⚡XII Community Contribution Prize

Choose any puzzle from this edition of AI Blitz and share your resource with the community as a notebook through AIcrowd Showcase.

:adult:‍:school: Explain your solution or even your data exploration in the form of a (Colab) Notebook, a video, an article, or beautiful visualizations! Anything that makes your solution unique! Tell it to the community!

And, get a chance at winning

:trophy: $100 Cash Prize each for Top 2 Community Contributors!

:spiral_calendar: Deadline: 10th January | 12:00 PM UTC

Making a community contribution submission is made possible by the AIcrowd Showcase feature. Share your preferred contribution here!

The purpose of the community explainer notebook is to give beginners and AIcrew members a good starting point as well as share unique approaches and findings. Explaining your approach in little detail will help the community to understand better your solution! Here are some handy pointers that can help your chances of winning the prize.

  1. Code should be runnable without any errors or issues.
  2. Code must contain comments and explanations of cells where necessary.
  3. Citing external resources related to the topic of the notebook will also be a nice touch!
  4. Creating your own custom video or images will be added bonus.
  5. Only sharing notebook giving higher scores is not always necessary, you can also share notebooks that help a participant understand the problem or a topic of Machine Learning that is related to the challenge.

:1st_place_medal: The prizes will be awarded based on the contribution’s popularity in the community and organizer discretion.

:woman_judge: Some house rules to be followed:

  1. You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once.
  2. The explanation must be written entirely in English so as to reach a large audience on our platform.
  3. The winners will be announced once the challenge is complete!

Blitz XII⚡Looking For Teammates? Reply Here!

Over 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

AI Blitz⚡XII is out now!

:thinking: Did our puzzle make you curious? Want to get cracking but don’t know how to begin? Team up with a fellow AIcrowd participant and take up this adventure together? Drop a comment to this post to find your teammate and emerge victorious together!

:dancing_women: Team up with fellow Blitz Participants and navigate through the challenge with collected knowledge.

:star_struck: We hope you find the right match that covers the corners you couldn’t in the challenge and win exciting prizes!

:computer: Learn more about the challenge here!

:trophy: More information about the Community Contribution prizes here!

🚨 AI Blitz⚡XII [New Challenge Launch]

Over 2 years ago

Blitz XII IS HERE!:zap:

From a SIRI to a Google Search, NLP has ingrained itself into our lives with the help of Machine Learning. However, modern libraries and algorithms have ensured that these applications aren’t something that just huge companies can implement! :robot:

AI Blitz XII will help you explore not only real-life applications of NLP but also the inner workings that go into the training of an NLP model. With the help of easy-to-follow starter kits and a helpful community, learn and excel in Machine Translation, Text Classification, and other NLP topics.:speaking_head:

Compete by yourself or form a team and stand a chance to win from the prize pool of $400 USD!:dollar:

Ready to open your IDEs and write “Hello World NLP”?:wave:

This Blitz challenges its participants with 5 NLP Puzzles tackling both real-life and technical applications of the field.

  1. Programming Language Classification: Classifying a corpus of various programming lines into 15 Programming Languages. :keyboard:
  2. Speaker Identification: Perform clustering on a corpus of transcripts taken from Youtube videos by capturing voiceprints of the given data samples.:studio_microphone:
  3. Language Translation: Perform Language translation from English to Crowd Talk, AIcrowd’s very own made-up language.:wink:
  4. Embedding Game: Map an embedding to its root word using NLP techniques.:world_map:
  5. Feature Engineering #2: Perform feature engineering on the data to get the best out of it. :gear:

With easy-to-understand starter kits and active troubleshooting by the AIcrowd community, you can make your first submission in 15-minutes. In true Blitz fashion, we have a cash prize pool worth $400 USD.

Click Here to view all the AI puzzles.

Friendly Reminder

  1. Find teammates for this challenge over here.
  2. We have a $200 Community Contributor prize pool, click here to know more & participate.
  3. The top two entries on the leaderboard will win $100 each! Click here to check out the leaderboard.

For any other comments or queries, reply in this thread and we will get back to you!:slight_smile:

Until then, keep Blitzing:zap:


Discourse Guidelines

Over 2 years ago

AIcrowd Discourse Guidelines

:computer: AIcrowd Discourse serves as a forum to engage and bring together individuals with common interests in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The goal of the AIcrowd forum is to provide a platform for all the machine learning enthusiasts to geek out about the latest developments in the field, sharing hacks, and improving ML skills.

:handshake: This platform is for you, the AIcrowd community, to debate all things AI, express your opinion, and provide valuable information that can help fellow AI enthusiasts and researchers like you! The platform also serves as a way for challenge participants to come together, share queries, troubleshoot, etc.

:grin: We are delighted to see the forum grow! We want to make sure it performs effectively and provides value to all – even the newbies! To achieve this goal, we’ve established AIcrowd community guidelines! We hope this will create an environment where we come together as a community to pursue our common interests.

Search before writing

Got a question or query? Please do search the forum before starting a new threat. Our participants have answered a lot of queries so far, maybe the answer to your question already exists! Recurring instances of the same questions can be confusing for users and this approach is time-saving for you as well!

Choose meaningful headlines

Using a relevant headline that summarises the content helps users find and interact with your post. Choosing relevant tags helps us address the query on a priority basis but also serves as a focal point for future searches for the topic.

Stay on topic

While it’s possible to make an off-topic remark even on subject-oriented topics, these comments shouldn’t be the focus of a posting.

Resources go a long way

Whenever discussing topics or asking questions, providing resources to support your take can help provide context to people answering the query. This also helps start meaningful & healthy discussions, avoiding miscommunication.

Community Guidelines

In addition to the above guidelines, AIcrowd Discourse follows AIcrowd Community Guidelines.

The final decision of whether a post or comment violates the guidelines is at the discretion of the AIcrowd team. However, if you notice posts that don’t comply with the guidelines, please email them at help@aicrowd.com.

aryankargwal has not provided any information yet.