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Amazon KDD Cup 2024: Multi-Task Online Shopping Ch

We Cannot View Submissions

4 days ago

Thank you admins for adding the “Submission” button to the individual track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 webpages.

Can you also add the “Submission” button to the main challenge page? Currently if we go to our profile page and click “See All” referring to see all submission in this competition it does not work. This is because it attempts to use URL:
which is currently disabled by admins.

What Does 2 Submission Per Week Mean?

5 days ago

What does 2 submissions per week mean? Is this based on a calendar week, like we can only make 2 submissions Monday thru Sunday? Or is this based on a sliding 7 day window, like we can only make maximum 2 submissions per 7 day sliding window?

We Cannot View Submissions

5 days ago

At the top of the track 1 page there are 8 buttons named “Overview, Leaderboard, Notebooks, Discussion, Insights, Resources, Submissions, Rules”.

If we click the button “Submission” we see all submissions for track 1.

There is no way to see submissions for tracks 2, 3, 4, 5. Because neither the main page nor track 2 nor track 3 nor track 4 nor track 5 has a “Submission” button.

Can an administrator, add “Submission” button to each track? Thank you!

Why Doesn't Leaderboard Show Ranking Score?

6 days ago

I noticed that the leaderboard for each track shows the score for the tasks: Multiple Choice, NER, Retrieval, and Generation. But no leaderboards show the results for Ranking?

Is this on purpose or a bug?

Task 1: Next Product Recommendation

Does this task have public & private leaderboard?

About 1 year ago

From the overall data description, it says

The dataset has been divided into three splits: train, phase-1 test, and phase-2 test

So it seems that there will be public and private LB. A safe guess is that private will be same size as public, but it would be good to get an official answer from admins.

How do I view all my submission LB scores?

About 1 year ago

The button is still missing for task 1. Previously it was only be available for task 3. Now the submission button is available for task 3, task2, and the overall page. Using the overall page, we can view task 1 but it would be good to enable submission button on task 1 page too. Thanks!

How do I view all my submission LB scores?

About 1 year ago

thanks. That’s helpful

How do I view all my submission LB scores?

About 1 year ago

Is there a way to view all my previous submissions and their leaderboard scores? I cannot find this. I only see my best score displayed as my leaderboard rank placement but i do not know which submission generated this LB score.

What order is prev items?

About 1 year ago

Based on my local validation, i believe that lower index in the provided prev_items list is older in time. And the larger index in prev_items is newer in time. (Using this assumption results in better CV score).

Amazon KDD Cup '23: Multilingual Recommendation Ch

!aicrowd dataset download --challenge task-1-next-product-recommendation

About 1 year ago

That is weird. Everything downloaded 100% for me.

Earned a BA in mathematics then worked as a graphic artist, photographer, carpenter, and teacher. Earned a PhD in computational science and mathematics with a thesis on optimizing parallel processing. Now work as a data scientist and researcher.