AI Blitz #7: Completed #educational Weight: 25.0

πŸ•΅οΈ Introduction

It’s time to land! The long journey of 234.65 million km is in its last stretch. But there’s a glitch in your system.

The dashboard is malfunctioning and you don’t know what stage the spacecraft is in. You do know that the spacecraft has 5 stages – heading to Mars, Entering Mars Atmosphere, Deploy Parachute, Backshell Separation and Touchdown.

Given an image, without using labels, create a model that will predict the stage of Mars spacecraft. Read to know more about the problem and access the starter-kit over here.


πŸ’Ύ Dataset

This is an Unsupervised Image Classification challenge in which you will need to predict the stage of the Mars Rover Landing only with mages! The images are 256 in width & the height of .jpg format.

The given dataset contains images of various stages of Mars Rover Landing. It's unsupervised image classification with a total of 5 stages to classify. The 5 stages, in order, are as follows:

  • Heading to Mars ( In Space )

  • Entering Mars Atmosphere

  • Deploy Parachutes

  • Backshell Separation

  • TouchDown!

πŸ“ Files

Following files are available in the resources section:

  • test.zip - (1799 samples) This zip will image containing different stages of Mars Rover Landing!

πŸš€ Submission

  • Prepare a CSV containing ImageID column and label the column containing values between 0 to 4.
  • The name of the above file should be submission.csv.
  • Sample submission format available at sample_submission.csv in the resources section.

Make your first submission here πŸš€ !!

πŸ–Š Evaluation Criteria

During evaluation Adjusted Rand Score will be used to calculate the score!

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