AI Blitz X: Completed #educational #blitz

AI Blitz ⚡️X witnessed phenomenal participation with over 200 participants making almost 800 submissions from 20+ countries. We thank you for your participation! You’ve made Blitz X a smashing hit!

After 3 weeks of intense competition, here are the winners of AI Blitz ⚡️ X

Leaderboard Winners
🥇 ksnxr 💵 $100
🥈 Hail_Satan_13666 💵 $100


Community Contribution Prize Winners  
Exploring Augmentations For Beginners by jinoooooooooo $100
Using Keras API To Segment Icebergs Images by Eric Parisot $100


Winner’s Solutions

🚀 Leaderboard Winners

Rank 1: ksnxr

  1. Docking ISS
  2. Starship Detection
  3. Iceberg Detection
  4. Clouds Removal

Rank 2: Hail_Satan_13666 includes salim_shaikhmsdian007_foreva and akashpb

  1. Docking ISS
  2. Tree Segmentation
  3. Starship Detection
  4. Iceberg Detection
  5. Clouds Removal

📓 Community Contribution Winner

1. jinoooooooooo
Notebook for beginners to get started with Data Augmentation for Tree Segmentation Puzzle

2. eric_parisot
Notebook to use Keras API to Segment Icebergs Images for Iceberg Detection Puzzle

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⏰ Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 2.30 PM UTC

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