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See detailed instruction see also the Project 1 PDF description available on the ML course web site.

File descriptions

x_train.csv - Training set consisting of the features of 328135 individuals. 
y_train.csv - Training set consisting of the binary classification label of the same 328135 individuals. The name of hte label column is _MICHD (Myocardial Infarct / Coronary Heart Disease)
x_test.csv - The test set of 109379 individuals - Everything as above, except the label is missing.
sample-submission.csv - a sample submission file in the correct format. The sample submission always predicts 0, that is β€˜healty’.

Zip file containing all 4 above files can be downloaded from the resource section.

For detailed information on the semantics of the features, labels, and weights, see the links in the project description PDF.

Some details to get started:

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Each participant is allowed to make 5 submissions per day. If you particpate as a team, the whole team gets 5 submissions, not 15 as the rules page states. Failed submissions (e.g. wrong submission file format) do not count.