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this is ai blitz 8 f1 edition copy

AI BLITZ 8 ⚑️ F1 edition is all about the need for speed 🏎 

Formula One is all about fast cars and chequered flags. But there’s more to the sport than its lightning speed! F1 is a coveted international auto racing event comprising of series of races (known as Grand Prix). It features intricately designed engineering marvels of cars racing on various circuits and closed roads across different nations. F1 is one of the most expensive and glamorous sport to exist. Now that you’re all caught up with the details, are you ready for your first Grand Prix?🏎 

For Blitz 8, you’re the team principal/leader for your very own F1 team, responsible for ensuring that various groups work together like a well-oiled machine! Your job is to ensure you win the race! By solving these 5 AI puzzles over the next 3 weeks you will empower your team to think innovatively. 

Get. Set. Go! πŸš₯ πŸš©

solve these tasks to win the ai race! 🏁

  1. F1 Car Detection: Using images of F1 cars in various locations, can you detect the car and output only the vehicle without any noise? This simple object classification problem will get your tires warmed up before the real race starts! Access the starter kit over here.
  2. F1 Speed Recognition: In F1, you have to be faster than everyone else to win. But what happens when you can't see the speedometer? Given an image, can your AI model predict the speed on the speedometer? Check out the starter kit to take the first step.
  3. F1 Team Classification: Each team spends millions of dollars in making their cars unique and fast. Given images of F1 car bodies from 2 top F1 teams, can you identify which team the car belongs to? Here's the starter kit to nudge you.
  4. F1 Smoke Elimination: Smoke of a car's exhaust can hamper the vision of the driver behind. This puzzle aims to tackle that problem. The input image contains smoke around the car, design an AI model that will remove the smoke and output a clean image. Here's a starter kit to help you out.
  5. F1 Car Rotation: F1 cars can sometimes spin out of control on the track. Just by looking at the photo, can we see how tilted the car is? AI can help! In this puzzle, you are provided with various images and you must create a model that identifies one of the four positions (left, right, front, back) of the car and output that information. Find the starter kit over here.  


AI Blitz⚑ puzzles are designed to help beginners get started in their Machine Learning journey. If you’ve been wanting to learn and hone your ML skills, this is the challenge for you! With easy-to-understand example solutions, you can make your first submission in less than 10 minutes!


  • Start Time: 3rd May 2021 | 14:30 PM UTC
  • End Time: 23rd May 2021 | 14:30 PM UTC
  • Duration: 21 days/3 weeks


  • Each problem has an associated weight. This weight denotes the problem’s contribution to your final score.
  • The final leaderboard is calculated by the weighted mean of your rank across all the problems in the contest. If a problem is not attempted by the participant, his/her rank in that problem is denoted by the total number of participants in the whole challenge.
  • To help you "Get Started" we have a starter kit available for each of these problems. We hope they are helpful; if you find any bugs, typos, or improvements, please send us a pull request.
  • In case you have any queries, please reach out to us via the Discussion Forums.

πŸ† Prizes


AI Blitz⚑#8 is open to everyone who is interested in diving into the world of Data sciences - students, professionals or researchers. With problems of varying difficulty, we try to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Please check this announcement regarding AI Blitz #8 βš‘️

Team: Shubhamai  Vyom Bhatia Vrushank VyasSneha NanavatiAyush ShivaniShivam KhandelwalSharada Mohanty 

Problem Setter: ShubhamaiSharada Mohanty 

Contributors:  Rabiul Islam

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01 Denis_tsaregorodtsev 140.000
03 dna1289 640.000
04 AmaurySu 980.000
05 _tashinahmed 1610.000


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