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AI Blitz #6

🚨 Announcement | AI Blitz #6 ⚡️

14 days ago

Hello everyone!

AI Blitz is targetted towards beginners in AI. Blitz 6 has an interesting series of puzzles which allow for a perfect score across all the problems. We expect some of the top participants will soon achieve the said perfect scores, but there’s more to the challenge!

We want this Blitz to be about the community, about you! We want you to share your solutions and help others grow! As soon as two teams achieve a perfect score across all the problems, the leaderboard prizes will nevertheless be locked - however, there still would be community prizes up for grabs!

We look forward to seeing all the notebooks that you share with other AIcrowd community members! Explain your solution to any one question from Blitz #6 and win from a cash prize pool of USD 200! You can share your notebooks by following the instructions here. More on community contribution prizes here.

If you’re looking for a teammate, click here.

📝 Explained, by Community | $100 x 2 Cash Prizes

17 days ago

AI Blitz :zap: is focused on making your machine learning journey as valuable as possible. In addition to bringing you interesting AI puzzles, we also want to enable a community where learning is paramount :muscle:t3:

Aligned with that philosophy, we are excited to announce

:chess_pawn: AI Blitz #6 :zap: Explained, by Community Prize
Pick any one problem from this addition of AI Blitz⚡ and share your solution to it using a medium of your choice.

You can explain your solution through a (Colab) notebook, a video, an article, or beautiful data visualisation. What makes your solution unique? We want to know!

:trophy: $100 Cash Prize each for Top 2 Community Contributors!
:alarm_clock: Deadline: 1st March 2021 | 12:00 AM UTC

Making your submission is easy. Go over here, share your solution, link Colab Notebook if you wish and voila, you’ve made a submission!

The prizes will be awarded based on the popularity of the contribution in the community and organizer discretion.

With this Blitz :zap: themed around Chess, we are hoping to see really creative entries! :smile:

House rules

  • There is no constraint on how you present your solution. Let your creative juices flow!
  • You can make multiple submissions, but you’re only eligible for the prize once.
  • The language of the explainer must strictly be in English so that it reaches the wide audience on our platform.
  • We will announce the winners of the Community prize on the End Webinar that will be hosted some days after the completion of AI Blitz 6 :zap:

AI Blitz #6 ⚡️ | Looking for Teammates? Reply Here!

17 days ago

Hello everyone!

AI Blitz #6 :zap: is unique. A mix of Chess and AI, this Blitz :zap: focuses on Computer Vision.

If you’re new and feeling a bit lost, don’t fret! We recommend teaming up with fellow AIcrowd users for a more enhanced learning and problem-solving experience. :blush:

Drop a little intro about yourself and tell us which problem excites you in the post in reply to this post and see the magic happen!

We hope you and your new teammates win some exciting prizes!

More info about the challenge over here.

Know more about the Community Explainer prize over here

Dr. Derks Mutant Battlegrounds

Rewards for Successful Submission | Dr Derk Steam Keys 🎮

21 days ago

We’ll be sending you an email regarding it soon!

snehananavati has not provided any information yet.


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