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Hockey Team Classification

Grouping/Sorting players into their respective teams

4000 USD Prize Money

EPFL ML Road Segmentation

Project 2: Road extraction from satellite images

EPFL ML Recommender System

Project 2: build our own recommender system, and test its performance

EPFL ML Text Classification

Project 2: build our own text classifier system, and test its performance.

DA Project LIGHT

Predict the class of the LED bulb

DA Project ALOID

Predict the final class of the sample

DA Project RECID

Predict whether an individual will be back to prison

DA Project Monsoon 2020

DA Final Project challenges for Monsoon 2020


IIT-M, Reinforcement Learning, Value Iteration


Reinforcement Learning, IIT-M, assignment 1


IIT-M, Reinforcement Learning, DP, Taxi Problem