Our Team

These are the people that make AIcrowd work. If you'd like to join the team, please take a look at our open positions.

Sharada Mohanty CEO / Co-founder
Jyotish Poonganam Site Reliability Engineer
Florian Laurent ML Engineer
Nikhil Rayaprolu Product Manager
Saurav Kar Product Manager
Akshat Chhajer Technical Staff
Ayush Shivani Product Manager, DesiML
Yoogottam Khandelwal Site Reliability Engineer
Jeremy Watson Research Consultant
Vrushank Vyas Communications
Naveen Narayanan Research Intern
Rabiul Islam Artist-in-Residence


AIcrowd Research Fellows collaborate on challenges by helping with in-house research on novel problems and designing baselines.

Giacomo Spigler Research Fellow
Mattias Lungström Research Fellow
ChenKuanSun Research Fellow
Christian Scheller Research Fellow
Nilabha Bhattacharya Research Fellow
Manuel Schneider Research Fellow
Dipam Chakraborty Research Fellow